We ask that you plan your prescription refills. When you call for your refills, or for new medications, have your pharmacy name and phone number, the medication name, dosage and your phone number.

Dr. Hiramoto reviews all medication requests during lunch and at the end of office hours. We will call the pharmacy and then you when the refills are called in. They will be done the same day as long as requests are received prior to 4:00 pm Mondays thru Thursdays. Refills called in on Fridays may have to wait until Monday morning because Dr. Hiramoto is in surgery.

You must be a current patient of Dr. Hiramoto, seen within the last 3 months, in order for Dr. Hiramoto to legally refill your medication. If you have not been evaluated within the last 3 months, please make an appointment when you call for your refill.

Narcotics cannot be called in to pharmacies. Written narcotic prescriptions must be picked up at the office. We are unable to refill or write narcotic prescription on Fridays since the doctor is in surgery.

Please be careful with your prescription, we are unable to replace lost ones. If you lose your prescription, your options are to take an alternate, but comparable one, or wait until the appropriate date for a refill.

Remember, proper planning is the key.



We understand that you may have other questions or concerns after leaving our office that requires addressing. When you call in please give the receptionist the information you are looking for and a phone number where we can reach you. Although we may not be able to call you immediately, we do return calls during our lunch break and at the end of the day.

If your call is of an urgent nature, please let the receptionist know and she will give the call to the appropriate person. If your situation needs immediate assistance and emergency in nature, please go to the closest emergency room.


Our office has state of the art accredited diagnostic x-ray equipment. If your injury requires x-rays, we have the ability to take and develop them while you are in the office. Dr. Hiramoto will review them with you and give you direction at the same visit.

Some HMO or referral based insurances mandate that you go to outside imaging facilities for your x-rays. If this is the case, then we are unable to take your x-rays. Instead, we will give you a prescription to go to one of their facilities for your films. After you have the prescribed x-rays, please ask for the films and bring them with you for your follow up appointment. Dr. Hiramoto will review them with you at that appointment.

We are unable to do MRI's at our office because these require a special machine. Often, prior authorization is required from your insurance company. We will give you guidance with respect to your insurance requirements. If prior authorization is needed, we will call your insurance company and then you with the necessary information. In general, many of the insurance companies will only authorize one MRI at a time. It is unlikely that approvals will be issued for multiple studies for one visit (for example, MRI of both knees, MRI of both shoulders).

After your MRI is done, call our office to schedule a follow up visit (we can usually see you back within 3-4 days). Many facilities will make copies while you wait. MRI's and xrays are not sent through the mail.



Dr. Hiramoto schedules surgeries on Fridays and Saturdays. Major surgeries, such as joint replacements, rotator cuff repairs and ACL reconstructions, are scheduled on Fridays. Knee arthroscopies, carpal tunnel surgeries and other minor surgeries are scheduled on Saturdays.

It takes 4-5 weeks to prepare for joint replacement surgeries. You will need medical clearance, pre-admission testing, 2 appointments to donate blood, and to start taking iron supplements. A checklist, along with the necessary paperwork, will be given to you when you schedule surgery.

Other surgeries can be scheduled within a week or two. Age, health issues, and the operating room schedule are all determining factors. We will work very hard to assist you in coordinating the necessary appointments required to schedule your surgery.

All surgeries require a pre-operative visit to our office. This should be within 5-10 days of your surgery. At that time, Dr. Hiramoto will go over the planned procedure and answer any question you may have.



Dr. Hiramoto participates with most of the commercial insurances. Please call the office to inquire.



We will complete your temporary disability forms and/or other forms required by your employer in a timely manner. We understand the urgency in completing them, but please understand they take time to complete. If you are having an elective surgery, we will complete your forms for the day. They cannot be completed until you are disabled. Kindly inquire regarding the charges.



Going to a doctor for the first time is often unsettling. We would love to assist everyone with the necessary paperwork but we have a small office and unfortunately are unable to do this all the time. Please have a family member, friend or aide accompany you to assist in these tasks. This is especially true with patients coming from rehabilitation centers and nursing homes. Patients needing supervision or coming from nursing homes on stretchers or in wheelchairs must have an aide or family member stay with them.

English, Spanish, and Tagalog are spoken in our office.

If you have a disability that may require a special need, please notify us ahead of time, so we can be prepared for your visit.


Please review our financial policy that we give to you at your initial visit. If you have any questions, please let us know.

Your co-payment is expected at each visit and mandated by your insurance. We accept cash, check, Visa and MasterCard.



The information you provide us is kept confidential. All the information requested on our form is required by the insurance companies in order to submit your insurance claims.

A copy of Hiramoto Orthopaedic Privacy Policy is supplied at your initial visit. Additional copies are available at any time, just ask a member of our staff.



If you require copies of your medical records please submit your request in writing. Records requested for legal purposes should be requested by your legal counsel, also in writing, along with your authorization to release this information. We are unable to release medical records without written permission of the patient.

Even though legally we have 30 days to prepare your records, we will do this in a timely manner. We are unable to release your records on the same day of the request. There is a copying fee of $1.00 per page for the first 100 pages and $.25 for every page over 100.

We are able to make copies of your xrays. We charge $10.00 per film copy. Originals can also be released if needed. No xrays are mailed. If possible, please give us 24 hour notice to prepare your xrays. We will have them ready for you for pick up at the front desk.


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